World Cup: Haitian Government gives 10 TVs to each Senator

Posted by Lenouvelliste on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Under: Corruptions
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The information is not surprising as it is in the habits of the government: grant allowances to members of the Senate, in short to parliamentarians - the 29 senators and 118 deputies - which often translate into money sometimes in cash. For the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup in Russia, each senator has received ten televisions [38 to 52 inches] from the government. Nobody knows how much money is being spent on the state's already drained coffers for such an investment.

The Senate office and the government worked hard to lock all the news channels so that the news did not make much noise. Even behind the scenes, senators have been cautious. They do not want to talk. It's rare not to be underlined. But the distribution operation took place last Thursday under the eyes of a few employees who could well watch the televisions without having access to them. A senator, joined by telephone on Monday, who is neither of the opposition nor of the Tèt kale clan, sent Le Nouvelliste to the quaestor of the institution for explanations.

According to a correspondence from the Primature, to which the newspaper had access, the Minister of Economy and Finance was instructed to grant each senator ten televisions. The idea, says a source at the Senate Speaker's office, is to allow people from the country's landlocked regions to watch the World Cup. The elected representatives, necessarily, should distribute them there. We must bring the pleasure to the people, make him live the passion of football, sport king in Haiti, failing to pave the way for a better tomorrow.

It must be said, moreover, that televisions have also been distributed to deputies of Parliament. This Monday, the Questor, Onondieu Louis, who could tell us more, was unreachable by phone. Parliament was like the Sahara. The World Cup, as Senate President Joseph Lambert conceded at the opening of the second session of the legislative year, will have an impact on the functioning of Parliament. It seems burlesque that everything vibrates by and for the World Cup...

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