Whatever good or bad is done by the Haitian army, even after the death of Jovenel Moise, history will hold him responsible

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The most significant achievement by President Jovenel Moise which history will vividly remember, is his revival of the Haitian military after being defunct for twenty two years. Whatever other achievements made under his still young presidency will be overshadowed by this historic decision.

This also means, whatever good or bad is done by the army, even after the death of Jovenel Moise, history will hold him responsible. Quite a bet for the President to make! Putting yourself like this at the mercy of history which judges so harshly with Its pen; especially when you're dealing with Haitian politicians, the kind of politicians who have never learned from history, which tends to repeat itself more frequently in Haiti.

Nations who have also agreed to furnish this new Haitian military with resources and trainings, like Ecuador and Brazil, must ask themselves if they are truly willing to put their reputation at risk by being complicit in the creation of a force which could potentially become a source of great torment for Haiti, its people and the wider region in the future.

President Jovenel Moise is the perfect example of why history repeats itself so much in this country. Nobody in a position of power has truly ever been held responsible here for their actions. And the president lost the best opportunity he would ever have to truly teach these new officers about one of the best valor in military: Responsibility for one's own actions.

The majority of the new Haitian military will be of mostly young men and women who either were not yet born or were infant at the time of the previous army, therefore have no recollections of the type of atrocities and cruelties the last military perpetrated throughout the country.

The army and other armed forces of Haiti, including the tonton macoutes, a vicious militia, under the dictatorships of father and son Francois and Jean Claude Duvalier, killed some 30.000 Haitians for political reasons; during their reigns from 1957 to 1986. The army's sole purpose was to maintain the Duvaliers in power.

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