We want French Government to cancel the political asylum visa of Haiti's former first lady, Michelle Bennet Duvalier

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We are asking the french government to cancel the political asylum visa of Michel Bennet Duvalier, ex wife of defunct Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, so she could face a criminal court in Haiti for corruption and theft of public funds.

The Swiss government has recently announced that it was ready to pay out some $5 million that have remained from the hundreds of millions that the Duvalier family have stashed in secret swiss bank account during their dynasty rule in Haiti. The announcement came some six years after the Swiss parliament had passed a law named Lex Duvalier, which allowed the authorities to freeze and confiscate allegedly looted funds from failed states that are unable to mount a case against a corrupt official. It reverses the burden of proof, requiring those accused to prove that they obtained the money legally.

Lex Duvalier 
Duvalier inherited power from his father, François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, aged 19 in 1971, but fled into exile in 1996 during a popular uprising which ended 28 years of rule by the father-and-son dynasty.  

Known for his playboy lifestyle, he was said to have illicitly amassed at least $300 million (CHF295 million) from skimming money from government contracts. He was alleged to have fled Haiti with more than $100 million stashed in European bank accounts.  

Haiti asked Swiss authorities to freeze $5 million in 1986, but returning them proved hard because Haiti failed to mount a legal case. Duvalier almost won the money back by default in 2002 when the statute of limitations kicked in. Switzerland extended the order by invoking constitutional powers which allow it to freeze assets to safeguard national interests. 

While Jean Claude Duvalier recently has passed away, his former wife who has been living in France since 1987 under a political asylum visa, has personally benefited millions from these funds. For example following her divorce to the brutal dictator. There are also many pictures of tens of thousands of dollars checks written to her, during her husband's rule, in possession of the Haitian government.

Haitian judicial authorities didn't have the chance to fully prosecute Jean Claude Duvalier after he made an unexpected return in Haiti following a catastrophic earthquake in 2010, because he passed away before the process could finish.

After the death of Duvalier, Amnesty International told the Haitian government that his death shouldn't put an end to the process of prosecuting all those who were involved in the crimes he committed during his years in power.

We are asking Amnesty International which played key role over the years in pressuring Haiti's judicial authorities to prosecute the Duvaliers', to restart its work on the case and put pressure on the French government to deport Mrs Michelle Bennet Duvalier to Haiti so she can respond to questions regarding her role in the diverting of hundreds of millions of dollars during her time as first lady.  

Mrs Bennet Duvalier despite her exile in France has not stayed quiet, she is ver active on social media. Earlier this year, we wrote her an open letter that forced her to delete a post that she made, as well as her Facebook account. After we wrote about her deleting her account, she created another Facebook page days later, claiming that we had hacked into the previous one. For the record we did not.

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