We call on the Haitian government to make public the useless explanation american diplomats in Haiti gave for Trump's "shit hole" comment

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The United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince confirms to Haiti's largest newspaper, Lenouvelliste, that the American Charge d'Affaires, Robin Dialo,  was in fact summoned by the Haitian government to explain the reported "shit hole" comment the President of the United States, Donald Trump, made when referring to Haiti and Africa, during a meeting in the Ovale Office with lawmakers about immigration. The short note sent to newspaper by the Foreign Service Officer, Jeanne Clarke from the American embassy via SMS says:

  "The chargé d'affaires met with the Foreign Minister yesterday (note: Friday, January 12). We thank the Minister for an honest discussion and reiterate our commitment to a strong partnership between the people of Haiti and the United States ."

While the Haitian government has put out an unsigned note condemning the "abhorrent and obnoxious remarks” of Donald Trump, no one from the current Haitian administration has publicly commented on the remarks beside the Haitian Ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor. Not President Jovenel Moise, the Prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant, nor the newly sworn in presidents of the Haitian Senate and Lower house, Joseph Lambert and Gary Bodeau.

All eyes were fixed on the Haitian President Jovenel Moise on Friday, January 12th, one day after the alleged "shit hole" comment was made, as Haiti was commemorating the 8th anniversary of a catastrophic earthquake, and the president was expected to give a public speech on the occasion at the National Palace.

For whatever reasons, President Jovenel Moise, in his speech, did not make any reference to the qualification of Haiti as a "shit hole" by the American President. However, in his speech Jovenel Moise said, we quote: "We have experienced all forms of injustice, all forms of disappointment, but we have always stood with the torch of hope, the freedom of courage for our reconstruction , the reconstruction of the country ... That's what makes us Haitians ... "

The explanation given by the highest American diplomat in Haiti for a comment that has degenerated American-Haitian relations is of national and certainly international public interest. The Haitian People is entitled to that information. Students of Haitian history are entitled to that information. Journalists are entitled to that information.

How can the Haitian government requests a public apology then refuses to release that apology publicly when it is made? What is the excuse americans officials are giving for their President's racism?

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