Violent protests in Haiti continue Sunday, with calls for the President and Prime Minister's departure

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Violent protests on the streets of the Haitian Capital, Port-au-Prince, continued on Sunday,  despite calls for calm after two days of deadly protest over the now cancelled government’s decision to increase fuel prices.

Haiti has been paralyzed by deadly demonstrations since Friday, following the announcement that gasoline, diesel and kerosene prices would rise by respectively 38, 47 and 51%. starting Saturday. Facing widespread unrest in many cities the government backed down and said that the prices would remain the same “until further notice.”
President Jovenel Moise late Saturday night in a televised address, urged angry protesters to “go home” saying that he “corrected what needed to be corrected.”

The quick reversal has failed to stop the unrests, with protesters now demanding the immediate departure of President Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, announcing a two-day general strike and more protests beginning Monday.  

The administration of Jovenel Moise and Jack Guy Lafontant grossly underestimated the level of dissatisfaction of the population in their job performance and the price hike just added fuel to the fire. 

 In a poor country particularly like Haiti, the price of gas affects nearly everyone, even those who do not own a car; which would be the majority of the Haitian population, or those who doesn’t use car at all as a mode of transportation since they rarely travel outside of their remote communities.

Kerosene for example which would have been subject to the highest price increase, is used in nearly all Haitian household, either as fuel for lamp at night due to lack of electricity or cooking fuel in small camping stove used by a great number of the population aside charcoal.

The head of the Haitian National Police, Michel Ange Gedeon has condemned the vandals and looting of businesses and others properties, calling on the population to remain calm while reminding that the police will take necessary measures to protect lives and properties.

As of today all US, Canada, and France flights to Haiti  have been suspended due to security concerns until further notice. The US State Department as well as the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued warnings to their citizens against travelling to the Caribbean country.

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