The United States in the coming days will be ending its helicopter relief efforts in Haiti. The US sent 10 helicopters to Haiti as part of its rescue and relief operations, following the request of assistance of the Haitian government in the midst of the devastating Hurricane.

The decision of the US government, according to the Pentagon, comes after the road conditions in Haiti have begun to improve. The powerful hurricane caused millions of dollars of damages to Haiti’s already precarious infrastructures; for example, one of the bridge that connected the southern peninsula to the rest of the country was washed away as the hurricane pounded the Caribbean Island. 

“As the amount of the materials moving over the road has increased, the number of requests for us to move things has now gradually begun to decrease,” Admiral Kurt Tidd, who heads the US military’s Southern Command, told reporters.

Breaking News: Haiti has requested US assistance for Hurricane Matthew

“So it’s appropriate for us to withdraw and to allow the organizations that are in there, and in there for the long haul, to take over the responsibility.”

The US choppers have started to leave out of Port-au-Prince, where as many as 400 US troops had been deployed.