Le ministre de la Sécurité intérieure John Kelly (à gauche) et le président haïtien Jovenel Moïse au Palais national à Port-au-Prince, le 31 mai 2017. © HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP

"We are not in a boxing match," said Jovenel Moses after the one-hour encounter with John Kelly. "The government understands very well that the US government and the Haitian government must come together to solve the migration problem we have," he said at a press conference.
The United States granted Temporary Protection Status (TPS) to Haitian nationals after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, which killed more than 200,000 people, destroyed much of the capital Port-au-Prince and displaced a million and a half Haitians. This status enabled Haitians present in the United States to remain on American soil after the expiry of their visas and to work legally.
58,700 Haitian nationals concerned

While diaspora organizations and international NGOs pleaded for an 18-month renewal, the US Department of Homeland Security granted only an extension of six months, calling on Haitian immigrants to "put their affairs in order" .

"The important word in the law is the temporary word, it is not supposed to be an indefinite but temporary law," said John Kelly Wednesday on the side of the Haitian head of state. "It has been seven years since the earthquake was the reason for the TPS, but I am committed to the president and the government so that we can work together on any new expansion." -he adds.
US parliamentarians and civil society organizations denounce this decision, arguing that eight months after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the southern half of Haiti, the country of the Caribbean is unable to receive the 58,700 nationals Which still benefit from the TPS.
18% reduction in USAID budget

John Kelly has swept the critics of those who feel that his short visit on Wednesday, just over four hours, does not allow him to have a pertinent view of the Haitian difficulties. Developing trade between the two countries was also on the menu of the meeting between the Haitian president and the American delegation.
"We are working with the US government to attract US private investment, to get out of development aid that is of utmost importance to us today," said Jovenel Moise. But in a move to reduce global humanitarian aid, the Trump administration is planning for 2018 a reduction of nearly 18% of the USAID budget in Haiti.