The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince does not want to comment on the issue of citizenship or renunciation of US citizenship of a person of foreign descent, but still is willing to assist the Haitian authorities to check the validity of a certificate of revocation of US citizenship, issued by the United States.

"The US Embassy does not comment citizenship or loss of citizenship of anyone," said  General Consul of the United States to Port-au-Prince, Robert F. Hannan, during an interview with the agency.

One way for Hannan Consul to avoid comment on information relating to the renunciation of US citizenship Sophia Saint Remy Martelly, wife of the Head of State of Haiti, Michel Martelly.

Sophia St. Remy is a candidate for the Haitian Senate in the upcoming elections, but she was born in the United States, meaning she is an American citizen.

An approach that is problematic insofar Haitian law does not allow someone with a foreign nationality to run for elected office in the country.

Sophia Saint Remy record was challenged and processed by a departmental electoral dispute office (BCEd) before being sent to the national electoral dispute office (BCEN). The case should be heard this week.

One of the lawyers of the candidate Sophia Saint Remy Martelly, Grégory Mayard-Paul, said that his client has waived her American nationality on March 31, 2014.

But many of the first lady's opponents continue to question the validity of the waiver certificate presented by the first lady. 

"But does she really has it?"

Also questions the Consul who do not particularly want to violate the principle of respect for the private information contained in US law.

"If she has a certificate, she has a certificate, it is no review of this," added the diplomat.

The person who wishes to renounce his citizenship must take an oath after filling out and initialed the clause of the act of understanding that it is posing.

The person must take an oath in the presence of two witnesses. Who were the witnesses of Sophia Martelly?

"If the Haitian government has a question on the validity of a certificate in particular, they can ask (at the embassy)," said Robert Hannan, which states that any document issued by the US Embassy will "speak for itself"

"If anyone has a certificate of loss of nationality, the document speaks for itself," he emphasizes

Also, the surrender of US citizenship is " Very serious and irrevocable." says Robert Hannan.

To return to the United States, the person must make a waiving visa like any other person.

The candidate Saint-Rémy, she traveled with a US passport or visa? When she has removed her visa?

The waiver process takes at least 10 work days, less than two weeks. However, it may be up to two months, issue to ensure that everything is clear for the person who undertakes the process.

In the world they were 3.000 to make the move in 2014. The wife of President Martelly is she part of these desisters?