A US judge says the United Nations is immune from lawsuits brought by international human rights groups on behalf of Haitian victims.

A New York federal judge dismissed the case in a ruling Friday, January 9th, noting that the UN's charter provided broad legal immunity and that the international body hasn't waived it.

Human rights groups and many legal scholars agree that the United Nations sacrificed its immunity by harming Haitians trough reckless sanitary practices sanitation. Early in 2010 it was found that the military bases of UN soldiers from Nepal, where the cholera epidemic is endemic,were found dumping raw sewage into the Artibonite's river. Haiti's longest river. 

Over 8.000 Haitian citizens died and  700.000 sickened by the cholera outbreak in 2010.

From the very beginning of the outbreak, the United Nations has repeatedly declined to comment on the lawsuit or assume any responsibility whatsoever about the cholera epidemic, despite the overwhelmed evidence provided by The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Harvard Medical School, Microbial Genesis and Chairman of the US National Science Advisory Board for Bio-security Dr Paul S. Kleim, Epidemiologist and professor of Parasitology at the University of the Mediterranee in France all concluded that the Cholera epidemic was introduced to Haiti by the Nepalese soldiers. Keep in mind that Cholera is unknown to the country for over its 200 years History. Despite the overwhelmed evidence, the United Nation maintains that evidence to implicating its troops to be "inconclusive" and has categorically refuse to admit any wrongdoing and take responsibility;  earlier this year, the United Nation said that it is immune to the many lawsuits seeking compensations for victims.