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The US government has canceled its recent decision to restart with the deportation of illegal Haitians, after the economic and humanitarian situation has worsened during the last week in the Caribbean nation; devastated by high winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Matthew, which left some 1,000 dead and 350.00. displaced.

Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of US Department of Homeland Security who made the announcement on September 21 that the United States would begin to expel undocumented Haitians seeking to enter the United States back to Haiti, said today that the United States had "compassion" for the hundreds who lost their lives and those who are displaced. However, he warned that the United States has all the intention to enforce its immigration laws, and that it will resume its policy of expulsion once the situation begins to improve in Haiti.

Thousands this week arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, with the hope of admission to the United States under humanitarian asylum.

Today, the Mexican government announced that it will provide temporary residence to migrants seeking asylum in the United States.