US Ambassdor to Haiti Pamela White, at her demand met with the country's opposition leaders on Tuesday, for a closed door meeting with four of the country's major political parties, in the offices of Haiti's social democrat Fusion Party's location in Christ-Roi.
Under heavy security form the Haitian Swat team Police, the Ambassador left the local of the meeting to face a group of angry protesters, shouting insults at her, and asking her to " Go home, go home!"
Jean Andre Victor, one of the opposition leaders resumed the meeting with Pamela White in these terms: 

"We told Mr White in no certain terms that the current crisis is one of Haiti's making, and it is up to Haiti to find a solution."

The meeting between the US Ambassador with the opposition leaders came days after a series of protests have spawned in various part of the country, asking for President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resigned, for the government failure to organized elections, three years overdue. Come January 2015, the mandates for the remaining senators will come to terms, as a result, the senate won't be able to make quorum and the president will automatically start to rule the country by decree, according to the Haitian Constitution.
Michel Martelly indeed has the legal authority to rule the country by decree, but it seems that the population bitterly oppose such idea, which inevitably will happen in January 2015.
So far the majority of the protests have been very peaceful with none to low casualties, but in Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, a few have turned violent and police had to intervene with tear gas and plastic bullet to disperse the protesters. 

On Wednesday, December 3, the US Embassy released a statement about the meeting.

"On December 2, U.S. Ambassador Pamela White met with representatives from major Opposition parties at Fusion headquarters on Christ-Roi in downtown Port-au-Prince.

            The Ambassador wishes to thank the nine opposition representatives who attended the meeting, which lasted for more than an hour.  Ambassador White was extremely impressed with their analysis of the current political situation, dedication to Haiti's future and willingness to truly negotiate for the betterment of their country.  She left the meeting optimistic that a way forward can be found.

            The Ambassador looks forward to further meetings with a broad variety of political organizations and to continue providing strong U.S. support for a Haitian-led solution to the range of current political issues."