Haiti, MINUSTAH, "The presence of the United Nations in Haiti is illegal," says Ricardo Seitenfus

The former Special Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti, Ricardo Seitenfus, participated Friday in a round table on elections at Quisqueya University (Port-au-Prince). During his speech, Mr. Seitenfus said that "the United Nations- presence in Haiti is illegal," noted VD6.

The Brazilian professor said that the presence of MINUSTAH in Haiti does not conform to the Haitian constitution, and treaties signed by the country. "So the immunity that the UN  claims that it enjoys in Haiti is illegal too."

Mr. Seitenfus said near $8.6 billion  have been spent  on the strict operation of the UN mission in the country.

He took the opportunity to criticize the Haitian friends groups, he said, persistently repeat the same mistakes in the management of political crises in the country.

Mr. Seitenfus had already criticized in an interview with Swiss newspaper in late 2010, the role of the international community and particularly the UN Mission (MINUSTAH), accusing him of imposing its presence in Haiti since 2004.

Ricardo Seitenfus was special envoy to Haiti from Brazilian President Lula before being mandated by the OAS. He is a recognized expert in Mercosur, international relations, in the Brazilian diplomacy and foreign policy of Haiti and Brazil.

Earlier this year, amid the continued protests throughout Haiti asking for the departure of president Michel Martelly, the Haitian government has formally asked the United Nations to not only maintain but to increase its effective as the overdue elections' organization approaches.