Ambassadors from the United Nations Security Council will be in Haiti from January 23 to 25 for a mission in order to examine the situation in the country following the reduction of UN soldiers in Haiti, and most importantly to encourage the organization of elections, three years overdue.

The council wish to " reaffirm to the Haitian government the urgent need to organize elections." Said the Chilean ambassador Cristian Barros, who will be presiding the council this January. 
" There are unanimity in the security council to say that the priority today for the Haitian president is to established a credible calendar for the elections." Precised the Chilean ambassador.

President Michel Martelly has been unable to organized the three years overdue elections, the root of the current political crisis that Haiti faces.  A week ago, to avoid a political vacuum and to organize the elections, President Michel Martelly signed an agreement with both chambers of parliament to organized the legislative elections during the first trimester of 2015. This agreement also extended the terms of parliament which were due to expire on the 12th of January 2015.