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The United Nations has ordered an investigation on Indian peacekeepers in Haiti for arriving in the Caribbean country without the mandatory cholera vaccination.

According to a recent report, more than 100 men of Assam Rifles, India’s oldest paramilitary force, landed in Haiti in July-August 2016 after they were certified by the home ministry as having taken the vaccine. 

The United Nations has sought an official clarification from the Indian government as to why it confirmed that these troops had been vaccinated, when in fact they had not.

Indian troops not having the vaccination is very controversial for the UN especially since the world body is responsible for introducing the deadly cholera outbreak in 2010 in Haiti, when UN peacekeepers arrived there from Nepal, carrying a cholera strain, dumped raw sewage into the Artibonite river, Haiti's longest. The bacteria would caused 10,000 deaths and infected over 800.000 in the last six years.

The anti-cholera vaccination was mandated by the U.N in 2015 after facing massive criticism over the cholera outbreak in the already impoverished Caribbean nation.

Ban Ki-moon "profoundly sorry" for U.N role in deadly cholera outbreak in Haiti

 It took 6 years for the then Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, to apologized for the role the U.N had in the deadly outbreak.