U.N has only been able to raise 40% of $120 million It pledged for Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

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The United Nations said yesterday that so far it has received only 40% of the 120 million in emergency funds requested to support Haiti after hurricane Matthew. More than a month after the disaster, the organization is having difficulty finding resources, as admitted in a press conference John Ging, director of operations of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). 

Ging was surprised for the little donor support to Haiti and said the response received so far is clearly below the usual natural disasters of this kind. "Usually we receive about 60% (from emergency funds) in the first month , " he said the head of OCHA, who recalled that the request in the case of Haiti was modest. 

Therefore, appealed to the donors to participate and help to avoid "much unnecessary suffering". Ging, back to New York after visiting Haiti, said that many people have lost everything in the hurricane, in a country already suffering from extreme poverty and many other problems. 

According to the UN, the disaster directly affected 1.4 million people, left some 800,000 in need of food aid and displaced 175,000. 

Ging stressed that the deployment conducted by humanitarian agencies in anticipation of the hurricane helped a lot in bringing aid quickly to the people, but acknowledged that damage experienced infrastructure in certain areas have hampered access to some communities. 

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