Two Haitian Senators, including former Senate's President, ask for International help in shedding lights on the use of PetroCaribe funds

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 Senator Youri Latortu, former President of Haitian Senate.)

Senators Youri Latortue, ally of Tèt Kale (kreyol nickname for the Haitian President's party), former advisor to President Michel Martelly, author of the report on the use of the PetroCaribe fund, and Evalière Beauplan, an opposition senator charged with deepening this report, appealed to the helping the international community track down PetroCaribe's money. The State must seek international cooperation to trace PetroCaribe's money hidden abroad, said Senator Youri Latortue during the presentation of his report to human rights organizations and other entities of society at the Royal Oasis Hotel on Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Senate commissions do not have the same level of access as a magistrate with banking information, continued Youri Latortue, stressing that the ULCC and UCREF should be involved in this dossier.

There are international agreements against money laundering, corruption and drug trafficking, said Senator Evalière Beauplan, saying that representatives of the international community who came to listen and understand must assume "diplomatic responsibility" by helping Haiti in this specific folder. "If we do not help Haiti, it's because the international wants Haiti to have the corrupt label," said Senator Evalière Beauplan, challenged by MP Jean Robert Bossé. "The commission did not identify the corrupted and corruptors," said the MP for Aquin.

Following in the footsteps of money can help trace the industry, identify perpetrators, accomplices, beneficiaries of financial crimes. If ill-gotten capital or other assets are stashed abroad, judicial cooperation between states, within the framework of international agreements to fight against corruption, money laundering and other related offenses, can be solicited, entrusted to the newspaper a finance expert. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, international cooperation has been strengthened in the fight against money laundering, the financing of terrorism and other crimes and misdemeanors generically qualified as acts of corruption. There is a set of provisions in the United States' legal arsenal that gives them the jurisdiction to investigate possible financial crimes in other countries if the transaction is simply made in US dollars, the source said. The range of possibilities is there, it is vast, he said, admitting not to see, given the evolution of the file and public positions, the administration Moïse / Lafontant may seek international cooperation to identify those who have enriched themselves with the money from the PetroCaribe fund.

Haiti's President Chief of Staff, Wilson Laleau, said that International investigators should handle the PetroCaribe corruption scandal

Tagged Tèt Kale in the last senatorial elections, Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, Vice-President of the First Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in charge of the first report, emphasized having understood a little more after the hearing of the former Prime Minister Gary Conille, who had the courage to denounce anomalies in project contracts of nearly 400 million dollars, that corruption in Haiti is systemic. "The whole system is built by people who organize themselves badly to perpetuate our misery," said Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean. "They have money and control the machine," said Senator Antonio Cheramy, who defers to the people, to civil society to move the lines in the fight against corruption in Haiti.

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