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The Haitian and Trinidadian's  chambers of trade  jointly conducted a working session on the business opportunities in Haiti. The session "Doing Business in Haiti" is performed as a prelude to a trade mission of 5 days in Port-au-Prince in June 2015.

The president of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago, Nirad Tewarie, urges companies to take advantage of the huge market potential that Haiti offers. He stressed that Haiti enjoys the advantages of low labor costs and duty-free access in the United States through the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) and the law Hemispheric Opportunities through Partnership Encouragement Act (HOPE), which expected to be extended by the United States Congress, for an additional 7 years.

He explained that the Trinidadian entrepreneurs might be interested in several sectors such as light industry, food and beverage, medical supplies and equipment, tourism and construction.

Moreover he wants the Haitian professionals to have easy access to Trinidadian visa under the provisions of Caricom. According to Mr. Tewarie these difficulties obtaining visas are a barrier to trade with Haiti which recorded an economic growth of 3% last year.

For his part, the Director of Promotion of the Investment Facility Centre (IFC) noted that Haiti offers a platform for access to 600 million consumers through free trade agreements and preferential access.

He also drew attention to the untapped business opportunities and tax benefits to investors, including a full income tax exemption on income and municipal taxes over a period of 15 years.