Three schools in south Haiti, the area hardest hit by last month's Hurricane, have been attack in an apparent act of arson.

The Ministry of Education on Wednesday released a statement saying that it was "Deeply concerned by the criminal attacks on schools in the South, particularly in the national congregational schools St Joseph de Torbeck, Justin Lhérisson and Boisrond Tonnerre who were burned down ..."

The Ministry condemned any and all acts of violence aiming to prevent children from returning to school after the devastating passage of Hurricane Matthew, which had caused significant damages to a number of schools in the South.

The Ministry has already instructed the Haitian police to promptly conduct an investigation in bring the perpetrators of these criminal acts to justice.

Haiti's Ministry of Education urges "The population to  remain vigilant and to protect school buildings ... and recalls that schools must be protected at all times by all citizens in order to allow access to the education of our children. "