Three Haitian police officers summoned for human rights violations

Posted by Alterpress on Monday, June 26, 2017 Under: Human Rights
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The General Directorate of the Haitian National Police (DgPnh) has summoned three policemen for human rights violations, committed on two individuals arrested on Thursday, June 22, 2017, on the charge of having participated, along with 3 other accomplices, to a gang rape of 16-year-old minor in January 2017.

The DgPnh, in a note, disapproves "with firmness, these deviant behaviors, which do not correspond to the image of this professional police, which we want to build for the country".

An investigation has been carried out into this blatant case of gross violation of human rights, in order to punish the perpetrators and their accomplices, she said.

A video, where presumed bandits, victims of a scene of horror in the middle of police, circulates on social networks, while this week, cases of police brutality, including beatings, have been denounced by several sectors In civil society.

The three policemen, who were present during the video, were summoned to the DgPnh.

The two individuals sought for more than five months for their alleged involvement in the gang rape perpetrated on the 16-year-old girl in January 2017 in Pétionville (the eastern periphery of the capital) are identified as Being Nickenson Remy, alias Sonson and Jean Wisky Emile, alias Anbilans (ambulance).

These accomplices, of the gang rape of January 2017, would have passed to the confessions, according to the commissioner of Pétionville, Jean Gospel Monélus.

gang rape video of 16-year-old girl sparks outrage in Haiti

This gang rape, whose images circulated on social networks, had raised the indignation of several organizations including human rights.

Following the complaint, filed on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, by the abused teenager, the Haitian National Police (Pnh) carried out an operation, which led to the arrest of 12 individuals.

They are Chrislande Charles (16 years old); Diovano Blémur (19 years old), Jean Henry Emile (44 years old); Mackensen Sylvain (41 years old), Jimmy Fénelon (34 years old); Jocelyn Bozil (39 years old); Edelson Charles (22 years old); Doudou Remé (25 years old); Jean François Débrosse (23 years old); Michel Gay (18 years old); Mike Massenat (29 years old); Ressonge Etienne (32 years old).

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