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The presidential and legislative elections, which took place on November 20, would have been won in the first round by Jovenel Moïse, the candidate chosen by former president Michel Martelly, and his party.

According to local media, he would have obtained 55% of the vote. But this result was not recognized by three other candidates, who each claim victory. Several violent demonstrations have taken place in recent days. Episodes that add to a chaotic general situation.

The island is, moreover, still very experienced by the recent passage of the Hurricane Matthew and the epidemic of cholera generated by the deterioration of the sanitary conditions.

It is in this context that the episcopal conference of the country launched a call for calm on Monday. In a statement, the bishops plead for peace and concord between the political actors involved in the electoral process. They encourage candidates who do not agree with the results to "produce their challenge according to the electoral decree" in force, which must remain "a compass".

The Episcopal Conference condemns "with rigor" all acts of violence committed "against lives and property". She urged all actors in the country to "put the good and the interest of the country in priority before the particular interest".

It calls on them to work together, in spite of the differences, "so that peace and security can be established in the country, in order to truly put it on the path of development".