Haitians migrants wait to make their way to the U.S. and seek asylum at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in Tijuana, Mexico

The US government is anxiously waiting for an answer from Haitian authorities regarding the deportation of thousands of Haitian migrants that are expected to reach the border of the United States via Mexico, in the coming weeks.

On Thursday the US announced that it would begin with the deportation of undocumented Haitians trying to reach its shores, a decision that came amid a migration crisis on the southern US border with Mexico, the final destination of these migrants from Brazil.

US to resume deportation of undocumented Haitians

Haitian authorities have not yet publicly commented on the recent announcement of U.S government, but they must at some point, as their collaboration with american officials are necessary to start the deportation process. For example Haitian officials must inform their american counterparts on the number of people they can receive per day.

US immigration officials fear that Haiti will not be able to start accepting migrants back until after its soon to-be-underway presidential election, leaving the United States with thousands of undocumented migrants to house and feed. An estimated 40.000 Haitian migrants are currently making their way to the United States, according to data provided by shelters and the government of transit countries.