Woodly Etheard and Rennel Nelfort released by the judge Lamarre Belizaire on April 17, were again banned from leaving the country.

According to information provided by one of the lawyers Woodly Etheard alias Sonson Lafamilia and Renel Nelfort alias Renel The reef, this ban has been imposed on Monday after the cassation appeal exercised by the Commissioner of government in Port au Prince, Ocman Dameus.

Recall that the dean of the trial court in Port au Prince Jean Michel Raymond was placed on availability we learn in a resolution of the High Council of the Judiciary (Supreme Council) dated April 22.

The Supreme Council accuses Jean Michel of being guilty of lack of administrative oversight. This penalty comes, remember, the day after a meeting with Jean Michel Raymond before the Supreme Council in which he acknowledged having wandered in the folder Woodly Ethéard and Renel Nelfort.

The Superior Council of the Judiciary (Supreme Council) opened an investigation to shed light on the verdict of a criminal court that allowed the release of two suspected gang leaders. Woodly Ethéard and Renel Nelfort, who were released by the judge Lamarre Bellizaire Friday, April 17, 2015 in the context of criminal trials without juries.