The Presidents of both Chambers of Haiti's parliament and 20 lawmakers received by Dominican President Danilo Medina

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The President of the Haitian Senate, Joseph Lambert as well as the President of the House of Deputies, Gary Bodeau, accompanied with 20 lawmakers, were received over the week end by the Dominican President, Danilo Medina, at the Presidential Palace, in Santo Domingo.

While the objective of the visit of the Haitian lawmakers to the neighboring country was not announced in the media, it is almost certain that the issues of migration and trade will be front and center. The Dominican Republic in recent years has suffered great economic loss due to the bans imposed by the Haitian government on many Dominican products in Haiti.  Products such as pasta, eggs, cooking oil, cement, and even steel.  The president of the Dominican Federation of Merchants, Iván García, last month said that the Dominican Republic was losing more than 1,5 million dollars every day with the ban imposed by Haiti on 38 local products.

Dominican steel export to Haiti has collapsed up to 90%

It is estimated that the Dominican Republic’s goods export to Haiti went from more than $2 billion in 2015 to less than $500 million as of 2018. Haiti’s is the Dominican republic’s second most important economic partner behind the United States.

The Dominican President Danilo Medina would most definitely welcome a support of Haiti's lawmakers to lift the ban imposed by the executive.

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