The Organization of American States has just approved the request of Haitian President Michel Martelly to send a special mission in Haiti urgently to oversee a dialogue between the parties concerned, so that the electoral process could be recovered and prevent the country from diving " into an institutional vacuum and in a situation of chaos" on February 7th if a president is not elected.

The Haitian ambassador to the OAS Bocchit Edmond has made clear that Haiti is only demanding a mediation.

"This is not an invitation for you to meddle into our affairs; it is an invitation to observe Haitians finding a haitian solution."  strongly reiterates the ambassador throughout his speech.

While the Secretary-General proposed a vote on the request of the Haitian State, Venezuela and Nicaragua representatives expressed concerns over  the speed of the process and called other members to wait for a declaration from the CELAC, of which Haiti is a member state.

Concerned about the possible contradictory vote. The ambassadors said that the heads of states of all the countries around the table except for the US and Canada, were in Quito, Peru, discussing elections in Haiti.

The Ambassador of Haiti replied by dusting the concerns and request the OAS to vote immediately on the request, citing lack of time on their hands.

As the ambassador of Nicaragua had asked the Secretary General of the OAS, a 10 minutes recess was approved, before returning for a vote. But 30 minutes had passed, and a vote could not be held; most Member States had not returned on time.

Finally, a vote was held, 35 countries voted in favor of sending a mission of mediation Electoral except Venezuela and Nicaragua. Citing the speed of the decision, the absence of a clear mandate and scope of the mission. The Venezuelan ambassador said, they really want the crisis to be resolved, but could not come to a decision in time.