US Secretary of State John Kerry had an interview with the television channel ABC-WPLG Miami 10 on many issues relating to the hemisphere. When the diplomat was asked about the postponement of the second round of presidential elections scheduled for April 24, John Kerry had this warning for Haitian politicians.

 "Let me be clear, Haitian players, so-called leaders, need to understand that there are clear limits to the patience, the will of the international community to tolerate this delay process." "The people of Haiti deserve an elected government." They deserve it now. " has added the head of American diplomacy.

As Kerry gave his opinion on the political landscape of Haiti, the final terms of an independent commission to verify the results of the disputed elections were being prepared by the Haitian political actors and civic organizations.

Despite increasing pressure from almost all international organizations involved in the process, as well as the embassies of many countries, the interim president of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert, admits that the formation of such a commission was needed to put to rest all allegations of fraud that have prevented the elections to go ahead.a