The Majority in Parliament gives Haitian President 72hrs to reshuffle his government

Posted by on Friday, April 20, 2018 Under: National
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The parliamentary majority close to President Jovenel Moise is up against the government. Several MPs and senators are becoming frustratingly impatient with the cabinet reshuffle announced by those close to the president.

It is the first time since the President has taken office on February 7, 2016, that the majority, made of members of his own party, is issuing an ultimatum to the head of state. Francisque Delacruz, gives a 72-hour deadline to President Jovenel Moïse to change several ministers. Assuring himself to be a de facto spokesman for the majority MP Delacruz warns that in case of retention of ministers Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant will be arrested and censored.

In the opinion of the parliamentarian President Jovenel Moise is determined to keep the Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant in his post. He warns however that If he wants to keep his protege he must make the reshuffle, insists Mr. Delacruz.

It is through the media that the member of the presidential majority has seen fit to launch this warning. It justifies its action by the harmful consequences of the inefficiency of the government on the deputies of the majority.

The parliamentarian revealed to have had discussions with the President around the cabinet reshuffle but expresses concern about the slowness in carrying out the actions.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Gary Bodeau, supports his colleague as an influential member of the majority. For Mr. Bodeau the government is inactive. He considers that only President Jovenel Moise among members of his government, is working hard through the caravan of change to provide solutions to the demands of the population.

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