The Latin American Wings has temporarily suspends its flights Haiti-Chile due to increase of "inadmissible Haitian citizens"

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The Latin American Wings (LAW) airline announced Monday that it has decided to “ temporarily suspends its flights to the route Port-au-Prince, Haiti due to the exponential increase of Haitians citizens who have been declared inadmissible by the authorities of Chile."

The airline company said that Its decision lies “in a situation that is public and notorious through what is reported by the media, and has affected passengers of all airlines that operate the aforementioned route.”

Latin American Wings says that the suspension is effective immediately, as of this Monday March 5, 2018  for a period of 15 days.

"We have adopted this measure while we know in detail the reasons that should be arguing to decline the application to enter our country.” the statement further adds.

A recent viral video showing hundreds of seemingly Haitian passengers disembarking from an unmarked plane at an airport in Chile, has been used to attack the airline company, accusing it of transporting illegal Haitians into Chile.

Response to accusations of "ethnic business"

Regarding the questions that pointed to an "ethnic business" in its sales strategy - due to the constant transfer of immigrants - LAW stated that it always acted proactively in Haiti, informing passengers about their duties, rights and documentation required to travel.

"However, given that the massive declaration of inadmissibility of foreign citizens generates inconveniences -both for the airport and for the tourism agencies that sold the tickets- we consider that this measure will contribute to mitigate such effects (...)", they stated in the report. Statement that they disseminated to the media.

Finally, the transport company said that it trusts that this measure "will help reduce uncertainty" among its passengers and customers; and that it considers that they are being granted "a prudent period to analyze the situation regarding the income of these citizens".

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