The Haitian government has rejected the Dominican Republic's demand to extradite two Haitian brothers accused of murders

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The Haitian government has denied the request of the Dominican republic, to extradite two Haitian brothers who are blamed for the murder of the Dominican couple, Neyda Miladis and Reyes Perez Matos, in the border town of Pedernales three weeks ago.

The death of the couple caused tensions to skyrocket between Haitians and Dominicans as violence erupted following the threats of dominicans to remove Haitian within 24 hours by force if they did not leave voluntarily.

Last Thursday, the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Juan Rodriguez, during a press conference, said that his office had formally asked Haiti’s Ministry of Justice to hand over the two brothers under the Montevideo extradition treaty both countries had signed on December 26, 1993, in Uruguay.

The Dominican Republic formally requests the extradition of two Haitian brothers accused of murders in Pedernales

In response to his demand, Haitian authorities explained to Dominican officials that they could not deliver the brothers because although Haiti did sign the Convention of Extradition of Montevideo, as reminded by the Dominican Attorney general, the Haitian State however did not ratify that agreement internally.


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