The European Union has dodged the invitation of President Martelly to attend the evaluation commission of the electoral process. The Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union recalled that his mission is to observe the elections but not to interfere in the process. However observation mission says it is willing to meet the presidential commission.

“The Electoral Assessment Commission will benefit from technical assistance composed of national and international experts (EU) and (OAS) observers to assist it in fulfilling its mission” said president Martelly in the order appointing the evaluation commission of the electoral process. The European Union did not take long to respond to the request of the head of state. “The Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union has noted the presidential decree published in December 16, creating a Electoral Assessment Commission” responded the European Union Observation mission in a note released Thursday in the Afternoon. Further, the European mission states that “ the EU notes that it has been invited to observe the Haitian electoral process and that it is linked only to its mandate of observation, as reflected in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Haitian authorities. It therefore cannot interfere in the electoral process. The mission headed by MEP Elena Valenciano does not exclude the possibility of meeting the commission as part of her work. “ The EU EOM remains determined to continue its monitoring work in dialogue, as it has done until now, with all the stakeholders in the electoral process. In this context it would be prepared, if requested, to meet with the commission that has just been created by President Martelly, always in respect of its mandate. “