The European Parliament adopted a resolution urging Haiti to end child slavery

Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2018 Under: Diplomacy
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The European Parliament on Thursday, February 8th, 2018, adopted three resolutions: One Urging Russia to release the Human Rights advocate, Oyub Tititev from detention, the second condemning Egypt over mass trials and executions, and the third resolution called upon Haiti to end child slavery.

MEPs called for an end to continuing human rights violation in Haiti, including the fact that large numbers of children are forcibly removed from their families and subjected to forced labour. The Haitian government should take steps to remedy the vulnerabilities that lead to child slavery, they add.

The European lawmakers also call on Haiti to:
-protect children who are victim of abuse, violence and child labour,
-set up an administrative system to ensure that all children are registered at birth and unregistered persons are registered at their place of residence, and 
-ratify various conventions which are essential in the fight against child trafficking and slavery.

The lawmakers also said that the European Union and its member state will continue to honor their previous pledges to  assist Haiti after Hurricane Matthew by helping to implement measures that protect children.

More than 300.000 children in Haiti are currently enslaved as  Restavek. A form of modern day slavery where the child servants commonly known as restavek,  are usually sent off to live with better off family members and other relatives in exchange for small chores in the hope of getting a better life and be sent to school; in reality in however, the vast majority of these children are instead always subjected to beatings, hard labors as well as mental and sexual abuses.

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