The EU will withdraw funding from Oxfam if the sex scandal in Haiti is proven

Posted by EFE on Monday, February 12, 2018 Under: Corruptions
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The European Commission (EC) has warned on Monday that it is "ready" to withdraw its funding to Oxfam if it does not comply with the ethical rules it requires the organizations with which it works, after learning that several employees of the NGO paid to have sex with prostitutes after the 2011 earthquake in Haiti.

How the Director of Oxfam in 2011, used donated money for the earthquake to pay for underage prostitutes in Haiti and "orgies"

"We hope Oxfam will fully clarify these allegations with maximum transparency and urgency, and we are prepared to review and, if necessary, withdraw funding from any partner that does not meet the high ethical standards," said community spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic during the round of daily press of the EC.

The Times newspaper revealed last week that several Oxfam workers, including managers and aid workers, paid to have sex with prostitutes, an incident that led the organization to lay off four men and accept the resignation of three others in 2011

Kocijancic recalled that the EU "expects its partners to be governed by a code of conduct and strict ethical and professional principles." "We have a zero-tolerance approach towards any allegation of reprehensible conduct on the part of organizations that receive our funding," the spokeswoman said.

Kocijancic said that in 2011, the year in which the events took place according to The Times , Oxfam received 1.7 million euros from the EC for its work in Haiti, a Caribbean country devastated by an earthquake in early 2010.

Brussels is also investigating, the spokeswoman added, if the compensation received by the employees involved in the scandal after their dismissal was paid with European funds.

The British Government announced last Saturday that it will review all its collaborations with this humanitarian organization, and yesterday threatened to withdraw public subsidies to all NGOs that do not collaborate with the authorities to avoid sexual abuse by their aid workers.

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