The Dominican Republic is counting on the "goodwill" of Haiti's officials to extradite two brothers accused of murders

Posted by on Thursday, April 5, 2018 Under: Haiti/Dominican relations

The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Juan Rodriguez, said that he hoped Haiti’s Ministry of Justice would do the right thing and extradite two Haitian brothers who are accused of a double-murder in the Dominican Republic.

“We made a request through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hopefully within the goodwill of the government these people are sent over to be processed in due process in the jurisdiction where the event took place,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said that Haitian authorities have already arrested one of the brothers, while the other still remains at large. But so far Haitian officials have not delivered him.

The murders of the Dominican couple Neyda Miladis and Reyes Perez Matos, in the border town of Pedernales last month, caused great tensions to aroused on both side of the border as Dominicans vowed to removed all Haitian residents if the alleged perpetrators of the crimes were not returned to the Dominican Republic.

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