The Dominican Republic formally requests the extradition of two Haitian brothers accused of murders in Pedernales

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The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Jean Rodriguez, during a press conference on Thursday morning, revealed that the Dominican Republic has formally requested the extradition of the two Haitian citizens identified as Edner and Louis Noel, who are allegedly responsible for the murders of a couple of Dominican spouses in the broder town of Pedernales two weeks ago.

The Dominican Attorney General explains that Louis was arrested in Haiti, while fleeing on a motorcycle owned by the deceased, while his his brother has not yet been apprehended.

“We have completed the legal procedure so that these Haitian citizens can be extradited from their nation to the Dominican Republic, so that they may respond to the justice system of the country, for allegedly associating themselves to assassinate Mr Julio Perez Matos, and caused injuries, that were so serious, resulting of the death of mrs Neyda Miladis Urdaez Feliz, in order to rob them,” the Attorney General said.

Regarding the position of Haiti on the request of extradition, since the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Rodrigue had declared last week that Haiti does not have an extradition treaty with the Dominican Republic, the Dominican prosecutor reminded that his country indeed has signed such treaty with Haiti, when the two nations on December 26, 1993 signed in Montevideo, Uruguay, the Convention on Extradition of Montevideo; citing article 1 of that agreement which states that “ each of the signatory States undertake to deliver individuals who are in their territory and are accused or have been sentenced, provided that the requesting State has jurisdiction to judge the criminal act that is imputed to the individual claimed. Also, the act for which extradition is claimed has the character of a crime and is punishable by the laws of the requesting State and those of the requested State, with a minimum penalty of one year of deprivation of liberty.”

He said that the Public Ministry attributes to the Haitians Edner and Louis Noel the violation of articles 295, 304, 265, 266, 379, 381, 382, ​​385 and 386 of the Dominican Penal Code, which criminalize and sanction aggravated voluntary homicide , the association of criminals and aggravated robbery.

Through the investigation it has been established that on February 19 of the present year 2018, at 8:30 o'clock at night, the body of Mr. Julio Reyes Matos, who had wounds in different parts of the body, was lifted. The body was found on a farm belonging to him, located in the Las Mercedes section, site of Sitio Quemao in the municipality and province of Pedernales.

The Dominican Attorney General said that the formal request to extradite the two accused was sent to Haiti’s Ministry of Justice.

The murders of the Dominican couple caused tensions between the two countries to skyrocket last week, as angry Dominicans threatened to forcefully removed Haitians in Pedernales if the accused are not delivered to Dominican justice.

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