The Director of Dominican Customs formally asks Haitian authorities to lift ban on Dominican products

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Dominican and Haitian customs authorities seek to promote border cooperation agenda. They try to ban products.

The Director General of Customs asked the Haitian authorities to lift the ban on a large number of Dominican-made food and industrial products that are prevented from entering the Haitian market. 

The request of the head of the Dominican Republic Customs, Enrique Ramírez Paniagua, to lift this prohibition, found some level of receptivity between officials of the Haitian customs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Haiti, who promised to formally process the request of the delegation Dominican Republic before the Haitian government. 

The request for the lifting of the entry impediment of some 23 Dominican products to Haitian territory for commercialization for almost two years, was presented by Ramírez Paniagua during a meeting with customs, border and trade authorities of Haiti, held last Thursday at the Convention Center of the National Bank of Haiti. 

"We propose to work on this definition. Dominican exporters are interested in the normalization of trade, but Haiti is certainly interested in compliance with Haitian importers. The purpose of this meeting is to normalize the conditions so that both customs can collect what corresponds to them, "said the Dominican customs director. 

Dominican republic wants free trade with Haiti, while Haitian government continues to ban Dominican products

Jorell Janvier, in response to the request of the Dominican customs director on the issue of the ban on Dominican products, clarified that exactly the Haitian Government has not issued a categorical ban, but is asking the Dominican military and customs authorities for control of several border posts where there are transition of merchandise from the Dominican Republic, and some aspects related to the quality of the referred products. However, Ramírez Paniagua recalled that, once the procedures in the Dominican border crossings were completed, the responsibility for the custody and destination of these charges corresponds to the Customs of Haiti, for which he exhorted them to reinforce the surveillance in their territory. 

The Haitian official defended the measure in order to control the entry of the products into the Haitian market and collect the corresponding taxes: "The list of these 23 products is not a proper prohibition, but the government can not control the practices that take place along the border with the Dominican Republic, so it decided to use the seaway to transport those products and that control was more effective, " said the Haitian official.

Most of the Dominican articles affected by the prohibition of the Haitian government and trade authorities are poultry and its derivatives, as well as industrial plastic products.

The head of the Dominican Customs, Enrique Ramírez Paniagua, considered the meeting in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, with his counterpart from the Haitian customs and his work team as highly positive. The Haitian representation was headed by the Haitian Finance Secretary, the Director General of Customs of Haiti, Jean Jorell Janvier and the Deputy Director of Customs for the Reform, Reynald Eugene, among other officials of the neighboring country.

The meeting between the directors of the Haitian and Dominican Customs and their respective technical teams, to promote the agenda of cooperation and development in trade and the fight against customs illicit at the level of the border, follows two previous meetings between Ramírez Paniagua and Jorell Janvier in Santo Domingo and other meetings of the technical commissions of both countries.

The mission of the Dominican Republic that participated in the meeting in Port-au-Prince and the customs officials and the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Haiti, was completed by Gabino José Polanco, technical deputy director; Eduardo Rodríguez Apolinario, advisor to the general director; Williams Pacheco, Technology Advisor; Patria Matos, technical coordinator and Lissette Selman, communications manager of the DGA.

Meeting in Dajabón

Last Friday the director of Customs participated in Dajabón in a meeting led by the Ministry of Defense and the participation of the head of the Army, the Attorney General's Office, the Directorate of Migration, the provincial government and the senatorial representative, among other officials of the Government, as part of the laxations that accompany the border security plan. 

At the meeting, held at the Customs headquarters of the border city of Dajabón, in the northwest of the country, the main issues of the area were reviewed, such as the traffic of undocumented persons and the different forms of contraband (weapons, drugs and commercial items, among others).

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