Lawyers are talking laws. Everyone tries to make the cloth of the constitution to teir advantage. The Office of West departmental electoral dispute Tuesday protesters and defendants use the weapon of dialectics to convince the electoral judges. Discharge and dual citizenship, two major requirements for some legislative candidates as Sophia Martelly to elucidate, if they want to remain in the electoral race and have the passes of the CEP for the elections on 9 August 2015.

Sophia Martelly, Stevenson Jacques Timoleon, Gerald Mathurin, Joseph Lambert, Jacky Khawly Jr, son Alexandre Germain, Vladimir Jean-Louis, Jean-Philippe Sassine, Quebro Zamor ... They are ten of the parliamentary candidates fighting in different Offices of departmental electoral dispute to remain in the electoral race. Their nomination was contested, each in regard to, for various reasons. 111 cases of dispute have been produced across the country.

For herself, Sophia Martelly, the wife of the Head of State and Senate candidate for the Western Department, is the subject of no fewer than six cases of dispute. The Office of the departmental electoral dispute (BCEDs) West, throughout the day Tuesday and late into the night, this case has attracted the large crowd. Ms. Martelly is accused of holding dual nationality (American and Haitian) and discharge failure at the time of registration, since, according to critics, she has been handling public funds to while chairing a presidential commission.

For the first ground of challenge against the candidate Sophia Martelly, the protesters struggle to produce evidence justifying their charge. They have virtually only the article published in the Canadian News paper Le Devoir talking about the case. Little. Too little to shake the battery of lawyers deployed by the first lady.

"On what facts have you based your contestations? You have to establish them ... " demanded with a comfortable and reassuring air, the attorneys for Sophia Martelly who were represented at the Office of the County West electoral disputes by Mr. Gregory Mayard Paul, adviser and close friend of the Head of State, Me Lauture Napoleon and Me Patrick Laurent.

According to these lawyers, the protesters must furnish proof of their disputes, if not, they ask the electoral judges to rule in favor of their client. Furthermore, they believe that the decree appointing the first woman to head a commission does not make her an accountant of public funds either.

Sophia Saint Remy Martelly was appointed by Presidential Decree 24 January 2012 as President of the Commission responsible for the fight against malnutrition and hunger with the budget of $ 234 million from funds from the PetroCaribe program, according to the accusers. Louis Gérald Gille, Senate candidate for the Western Department under the banner of the Fanmi Lavalas,  protested the candidacy of Mrs. Martelly.  She was handling public funds. And so, she must have been relieved of their management before standing for election, demanded her competitor.

"The BCEDs will decide in the direction of law. Sophia Martelly managed funds from the state, she must be accountable, she must have been relieved of their management, "Louis Gérald Gilles requires, represented by Charles Gervais. Otherwise, the elections will not be credible, advanced the candidates of Fanmi Lavalas.

After hearing both parties, the electoral court has 24 hours to decide on the case of dispute. Each party comes to court to support or defend its position, made the deposit of its vouchers and awaits the verdict of election judges.

According to Article 111.1 of the Electoral Decree, "the BCEC or BCEDs hears the case and makes a decision within a period not exceeding twenty-four hours. It shall notify immediately the Provisional Electoral Council. »

The Office West of the county electoral disputes constituted tribunal of Me Wally Desence, President; Mario Delcy, Nerland Delabre judge, judge, a dozen other cases of dispute were treated. Among them, the candidate for deputy Jacques Stevenson Timoleon challenged for failing to discharge and corruption. The question requires evidence and threatens to go for correction against his detractors. He expressed confidence the court will rule in his favor.

The approximately 1,767 parliamentary candidates and 262 Senate wait anxiously the publication of the final list of approved candidates. The CEP's verdict expected on May 1, according to what is said in the electoral calendar. Meanwhile, no sleep for those candidates who provided a lot of effort to register in order to occupy a post in the 50th legislature.