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The Association of Caribbean Media Workers demands Haitian Authorities to clarify the disappearance of Journalist Vladjimir Legagneur

Posted by hougansydney.com on Saturday, March 31, 2018 Under: National
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The Association of Caribbean Media Workers ((ACM) today demanded Haitian authorities to clarify the case of the Photojournalist, Vladjimir Legagneur, who has disappeared since March 14, when he went to make a report in the impoverished neighborhood,  Grand Ravine, which recently had been at the center of violence between gangs and Haitian Police.

Where is the journalist Vladjimir Legagneur? Mass protest in the Haitian capital on Wednesday, to demand answers from authorities

“The ACM offers Its solidarity with the family of Legagneur and the rest of the Haitian journalists who have demanded Haitian authorities to do an investigation on the event,” said the ACM in a statement.

On March 29, hundreds of journalists in Haiti protested in the Haitian capital, demanding an answer from authorities about the whereabouts of their colleague since it took officials 13 days to make any statement, even though the journalist’s disappearance was reported by his wife,  72 hours after he never returned home.

Police, on Wednesday, March 28th, announced that as part of the investigation, they recovered a “ headless” corpse and a “hat”,  on a vacant lot in Grand Ravine, which were submitted to forensic laboratories for DNA analysis.
The ACM ask the Haitian National Police and the Government of Port-au-Prince, “to make an effort to find Legagneur and to assure his family, friends and colleagues.”

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