The American Ambassador to Haiti, reiterated the U.S support to the border police unit, Polifront

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The American Ambassador to Haiti, Michele J. Sison reiterated the United States support to the National Police of Haiti (PNH) and will work to continue strengthen the new Police Unit, Polifront, launched by President Jovenel Moise, back in December 2017, to combat contraband and human trafficking at the border with the Dominican Republic.

Ms Sison also participated a day before, in a ceremony with the International Organization for Migrant (IOM) and representatives of PNH to hand over five vehicles to POLIFRONT. During that ceremony, IOM’s head of Mission, Fabien Sambussy, said that he was delighted by the creation of this unity, which can combat crime, migration and smuggling, and believes that these new vehicles will allow Polifront officers to better perform their tasks.

Speech of American Ambassador in Haiti, during her Northern Department tour

Ambassador Michele Sison promised that her country will continue “ to support the efforts of the Haitian government in the fight against transnational crime and to increase security along its borders. Challenges against transnational crime, including human trafficking and other illegal trafficking must be addressed if Haiti wants to secure its borders.” Sison told reporters.

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