Textile workers in Haiti on Monday, took the streets of the Capital a second time in two weeks, demanding wage increases. Workers at sweatshop, trousers and other garment factories also protested the dismissal of some 40 trade unionists in an Industrial park in Port-au-Prince.

Reginald Lanfontant, a union coordinator who was one of the laid-off workers, said the actions were "abusive" and that the marches would continue.

Demonstrators demand a pay of 800 gourdes ($ 12.47) for eight hours. They currently earn 300 gourdes ($ 4.7).

The factories in the park, which employs about 18,000 people, were operating Monday.

Haitian Police dispersed with tear gas, textile workers demanding wage increase

Monday's protest had about 500 participants, far fewer than the March 19 march, which attracted thousands. Textile workers announced that they will make further protests in June.