Tensions in Pedernales will not affect the relations between Haiti and the Dominican Rep. Said Dominican Foreign Minister

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The Dominican Government affirmed that the murder of a couple blamed on two Haitians brothers in Pedernales (southwest), which provoked an angry reaction of the citizens of that border city, will not affect the bilateral relations with Haiti.

This was expressed by the Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, describing the event as an "isolated event", similar to that which occurred in Spain with the murder of the child Gabriel Cruz, of whom the Dominican Ana Julia Quezada has confessed to be the author.

"They are isolated events, the same thing happened to us with that big problem in Spain; a Dominican woman, unfortunately, committed a crime, a murder, and we were the first to come forward expressing our sorrow and solidarity with the Government and the Spanish people, but that does not mean that all Dominicans in Spain are criminals, " said the chief Dominican diplomat.

The Dominican Foreign Minister said he has been in contact with his Haitian counterpart, Foreign Minister, Antonio Rodrigue, and that between them they have created a "strategy" to de-escalate  the situation.

"Obviously our Government has the responsibility of public order, to establish peace and create a peaceful environment in Pedernales and that is being done, the Ministry of Defense has assumed a custody position, it is a process," said the Dominican foreign minister. .

Vargas, however, said that there are also situations that have occurred of (previous) aggressions against Dominicans, so he advocated establishing mechanisms for these events to be tried in the Dominican Republic.

Last Monday, Dominicans in Pedernales erupted in anger, and started blasting threats on speakers mounted on pick up trucks, giving all Haitians living therea 24 hour ultimatum to leave or forcefully be removed.

The action took place after the death in a Santo Domingo health center, of the Dominican Oneida Feliz Urbáez, attacked with machetes last month at her Pedernales estate with her husband, Julio Reyes Pérez, who died on the spot.

Of the crime, two Haitians are accused of allegedly being employees of the Dominican couple, one of whom is being held by the Haitian authorities.

On Thursday, Haitian Foreign Minister Rodrigue said there is no extradition treaty between the two countries, although he said his country will do "everything possible" so that the issue does not create a new crisis between the two countries.

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