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Two days following a peaceful presidential election, tension is quickly rising in Haiti after two political parties claimed victory without waiting for the official results of the election to come out. In fact, ballots are still being counted by hand, and the officials results won't be known for a week.

Yesterday at noon, during a press conference,  Rudy Herivaux, the spokesman for the PHTK party announced that their candidate Jovenel Moise had won the election, a few kilometers away, hundreds of supporters of the party Fanmi Lavalas (FL) took to the streets of the poorest neighborhoods of the capital for them also to claim the victory. "Our choice was clear but the PHTK tries everything to divert the vote of the people"  declare one supporter.

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is the only entity with the authority to publish elections' results. Léopold Berlanger, head of the CEP called on all political actors to wait for the results to be disseminated within eight days. "The electoral decree does not allow anyone to publish results instead of the Electoral Council and ask that the law be respected," said the president of the CEP.

As tension continues to brew, the UN, United States, and the Brazilian government have asked all political actors in Haiti to wait in a peaceful and democratic manners the results of the presidential election held on Sunday.

After a year-long political crisis and an interim government, more than 6 million Haitians were summoned to the polls Sunday to choose their leaders among 27 candidates for president, 16 for senators and 25 fo deputies. 

In October 2015, an initial election took place, but its results had to be thrown out after widespread fraud allegations by all the major political parties. With more than one political parties claiming victory in spite of the non publication of the official results, Haiti risks plunging into violence and chaos once the true winner is known.