Image credit: Le Nouvelliste

Tension is rapidly escalating over the presence of dominican troops in Haiti, as part of the security for the dominican convoys with tons of aides, sent to neighboring Haiti after hurricane Matthew caused great damages and left hundreds of thousands in urgent humanitarian assistance.

Rumors of an imminent Dominican invasion started to spread like wildfire after Haitian social media exploded over the published pictures of dominican soldiers with drawn automatic weapons, at a camp in Bizoton, a town Southwest of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, where a temporary Dominican base was set up to coordinate the aid. 

The controversy prompted the Haitian Minister of Foreign affairs, Pierre Dulienne to make a statement essentially denying the presence of troops, but later confirmed it; and a personal visit to the base by sitting Senator Yourie Latortue to calm inflamed minds of regular citizens, politicians and businessmen alike. Many parliamentarians were also quick to join the outrage, president of the senatorial commission for Justice and Security, Jean Renel Senatus, whom in a long letter, exhorted the president and Prime Minister of Haiti to "Clear off without delay within 24 hours." the Dominican soldiers.

According to the chief of the dominican convoys, Ramon Peppin this is "purely a humanitarian mission" with the goal of giving a hand to those affected by the hurricane. 

Facing such hostilities, and growing rumors the embassy of the Dominican republic in Port-au-Prince published a statement. 

"It is very regrettable that on both sides of the island, there still existe people who persist to sell the fantasy of the Trojan horse to intimidate and produce fear in their respective population"

"We launch an appeal to the evil minds to show respect to the Haitian people who are suffering from the effects of the hurricane. We invite them at the same time to learn to recognize the true gestures of friendship." continued the declaration bearing the signature of the Dominican ambassador Ruben Sillie Valdez.

The Dominican government began delivering hundreds of tons of aid to Haiti on Wednesday, personally offered by Dominican president Danilo Medina during an unexpected visit to Port au Prince on Sunday.

The Dominican convoy consists of more than 500 trucks in addition to infrastructure teams coordinated with Haitian authorities, to help repair roads and the electricity grid. 

Haitian president Jocelerme Privert and Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles, have not responded to the rumors and have ignored the letter sent by the senators.