Taiwan denies rumors that Haiti is seeking to break off diplomatic relations in favor of China

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Taiwan’s diplomatic ties with Its 11 Latin American and Caribbean allies
“remains stable” reassured Taiwanese foreign ministry in a statement, in light of recent reports that countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and the Dominican republic were thinking of establishing diplomatic ties with China, following a recent meeting of the foreign ministers of these three countries with their Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in Santiago Chile, in the framework of the ministerial meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

In the statement, the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “bilateral relations” were not discussed, only regional issues. The noted also added that Haiti, El Salvador as well as the Dominican republic, had informed Taiwan about the meeting prior, which they promised would be "limited" to discussions of trade and economic issues.

The intense pressure exerted by “China” on the relations between Taiwan and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean “ has always existed” and that Taiwan will continue to “follow very closely”.

Haiti is one of Taiwan’s most important allies, and the two have maintained very friendly relations for 62 years. Since Haiti recognizes Taiwan as an independent country, Haiti and China do not have diplomatic ties.   

Should the next president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of China?

Taiwan is one of Haiti's main trading partners and remains its dominant donor. During some years, Taiwanese aides represent a fifth of the Haitian government's budget. Examples of Aid packages include the improvement of infrastructures, construction of the Haitian supreme court, paying the salaries of police officers, providing training and materials to Haiti's rice farmers, the occasional tons of rice. Taiwanese presidents have visited Haiti, and Haitian presidents have also visited Taiwan.

But as the relations between Haiti and the United States continue to plumet under the presidency of Donald Trump, due to his immigration policies and recent disparaging remarks about Haitians, Haiti will continue to broaden Its options; and perhaps, establishing diplomatic relations with China, the soon-to-be the first economic power in the world, could be of advantage. 

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