Speech of the Haitian President during official launch of New Haitian Army

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Haitian people,

Youth of my country,

The celebration of Vertières' illustrious Victory, November 18, 2017, is the demonstration of the will of Haitians, through their duly elected political leaders and exercising the fullness of national sovereignty, to take the national historic destiny into their own hands.

Vertières is the refusal of fatality, it is the victory against exclusion, it is the victory against all the forms of segregation and racist and demagogic tyranny that prevent Haitians, Haitians of all social strata, of all complexions of skin, to forge the national understanding that will allow them to agree on a national recovery plan to match our legitimate ambitions.
That is why, Dear Heroes of Vertières, Dear Compatriots, in my capacity as President of the Republic, Head of State, I bow to you.
I humbly prostrate before you, Illustrious Ancestors. You had to face comparatively more complex, more formidable challenges than the Nation is currently facing.

On this day of celebration of the conquest of Independence, the conditions are much more favorable for the national revival. Yes, the conditions are in place for the awakening of the living forces of the Lethargic Nation, in which our internal quarrels have plunged it for too long already.

Haitians people in all four corners of the country

Brothers and sisters who are in Cap (Haitian) or anywhere else on earth

November 1803, here, on this piece of sacred land, our ancestors won the battle that created our nation, our Ayiti Cherie. Two armed forces stood, one in front of the other. The indigenous army, the army of our ancestors, won the battle, the were victorious.

That is how Haiti took its independence. Vertières created Haiti.

Vertières means liberty for all races, for all people on earth.

Vertières that put arms in Simon Bolivar’s hands, the liberator of the Latin American countries!

It was Vertieres that inspired, that hoisted the flag of liberation on the African Continent!

It was Vertieres that gave tactic and strategic lessons for asian countries and many other countries on earth that made them take the path of to freedom and economic emergence. Vertieres inspired many countries, even in Europe like Greece.

It was Vertières that opened the door for the United Nations!

It was Vertières that created the conditions for democracy on the whole planet.

Vertières was not created so that Haitians die in hunger!

Vertières was not created for Haitians to leave Haiti by many and a lot in search of a better life on the other side of the water.

Honor, respect for the mighty women and men who sacrificed themselves fr us to won this victory.

Honor, respect for Papa Toussaint Couverture, the precursor!

Honor, respect for Papa Jean Jacques Dessalines, the father of the nation!

Honor, respect for Papa Alexandre Petion, symbol of the unity between the blacks and the mulattoes;

Honor, respect for Papa Henry Christope, the builder king, the visionary.;

Honor, respect for Papa Capois-la-Mort, the great hero of Vertieres, the intractable!

Honor, respect for all combattants, all soldiers, who gave their lives for liberty and better lives for all people on the blessed earth!

Haiti is the mother of Liberty!

Vertières is the symbole of liberty.

Who can imagine the planet without Haiti?

Who can imagine the world today without Toussaint Louverture, without Dessalines,without Petion, without Christophe.

Which people fighting for liberty on earth who does not know about Vertieres.

Haiti, is the most beautiful creation of humanity’s history. Haiti is humanity’s treasure!

November 18, 2017, 214 years later, I bow to ask the Haitian people, all of you to come together to put aside what divide us. Let us listen, let us take the words of the Battle of Vertieres: Grenadiers to the Assault!

To the assault against miseries;

To the assault against instabilities;

To the assault against exclusions;

To the assault against corruptions;

To the assault against insecurities;

To the assault against all forms of dependencies.

Yes, the bell has rung, rung for another Haiti, it rangs for citizens men and women who believe in the destiny of their country, to conduct the fight for a veritable change. Change in their mentalities, change in their behaviors, change in life conditions of the people, so Haiti can build a democracy where stability, work, security can remain durably. 

Vertières put an end to colonization, and slavery. Our duty today is to put an end to exclusion, division and anarchy that block the country on the road of development. The bell has rung for us to build a State which guarantees peace and security, the only condition to realize economic growth to fight unemployment and poverty.

The bell has rung for us to stop making bad economic choices, to stop tolerating corruption, to stop staying indifferent in front of the misery of the people. We must get mad at this dogs eating dogs, demagogues putting the bourgeoisie facing the people,  the people facing the middle class, mulattoes facing the blacks, blacks facing mulattoes, countrymen facing urban men, higher men facing lower men, the rich facing the poor. That is not what the silent majority wants. That is not what the people wants. That is why it voted the 1987 constitution.


The democratic ideals of the constitution which sit on political pluralism and the rights of the people, is the prolongation of the Battle of Vertieres. We cannot remain on an eternal transition, we cannot remain in defeatism, we cannot remain in irresponsibility. Me, today, I call on these measures, treason against the causes of the people, irresponsibilities of its own children, who were suppose to serve the people. This cannot continue! This cannot continue! If our ancestors could come together for the founding of a country free and independent, it is our duty today, to put afoot a country, rule of law, where people are people, where rights and laws are respected for everyone in every corner of the country.    

Head of State and President of the Republic, endowed with the legitimacy of the ballot box, I pledge to win the bet of peace, progress and stability in a regenerated Haiti. We are not the first agent of the nation to use and enjoy the splendor of power. I say it again and again and again and again, the nation must take another direction, it must reinvent itself its future by the ways of a present enrolled in positive works that promote economic growth, development and promotion of citizenship.

I want and I mean that through sound works, thought and planned, the ideals of Vertières are read in the space and the political, social and economic environment of the nation. I say that poverty is not inevitable. I say that anarchy is incompatible with democracy. I say that corruption is a gangrene to fight with the last rigor, corruption is a crime against development.

I say that the rights of all, whatever layer and social sector they belong to, must be scrupulously respected. In a word, the time has come for the practice of constitutional rights and duties, that is to say of the policy understood from the point of view of permanent dialogue and pluralism, of the realization of a common political project in which all citizens can recognize.

My brothers and sisters,

I want all citizens to understand that the Caravan is a call, it is the history blow of the conch shell, to invite you to change methods and practices. Which mean, state institutions must mobilized together, to give each and everyone services, while opening the doors for true results in the amelioration of people’s living conditions. The Caravan is a strategy, which allows us to act with intelligence, with efficacy when we use our ressources, without wasting. The Caravan asks that we serve with priorities the most vulnerable sectors, sectors that are living in the most difficult conditions, people who for more than 200 years have undergone social, economic and political exclusion in the country.

The Caravan is a call for solidarity between all Haitians, to pick up and valorized our culture, to be conscious about our responsibilities and work to satisfy the collectivity. The Caravan, in this sens has a lot to see with agricultural work, a way to reinforce our motto, “ Strength through unity” and to win the final fight against underdevelopment, miseries and corruption.

The motor of the Caravan, this total capital motor of change is every Haitian without distinction. Here is the best oil to make the motor work well, it is the youth of the country. Because the youths are the future of the country. That is why cannot look with indifference the youths, escaping the country in every way. These youths who feel like that they are abandoned, who feel that the institutions for a long time have turned their backs on them. That is why I invited 30 youths who were laureates of the competition the Minister of National Education just organized, who came from the ten departments of the country, to bring them to reflect on the great meaning the Vertieres Battle has for them today. For them to stand up as a gesture to tell the Nation that they understand Vertieres mean pride, Vertières means people who are not cowards when facing life’s hardships, Vertieres mean those who roll up their sleeves to work and to overcome the challenges no one will be able to overcome for them. These youngsters accompanied by their parents and teachers, who are sitting here at the podium. I ask the assistance to applaud you loudly. (applauses)

Thank you, you may sit down.

I take my responsibility to say that it will change, it will change! If like the scholars say “ politic is the life’s organisation of a society,” the role of the State, the role of the leaders of the State is to create conditions for the institution to work and bring services to all citizens. The government under my administration is working to ameliorate all State’s infrastructures and institutions.

Why did the people make the choice of the democratic regime except to improve their living conditions in the context and context of institutions in evolution, capable of satisfying their basic needs, in education, housing, health, security, environment, infrastructure etc.?


Vertices was a big moment of truth for Haiti and for the world. A leader who understands the meaning of the Vertieres battle knows that his acts and words have consequences and that he cannot past his time provoking discord and instability which are weakening the country,  giving other country advantages over us. The message of Vertieres is a message of pride, a message of courage, a message of responsibility towards one another, it is a message of solidarity. The lesson we can take from 1803 and 1804 is avoid political anarchism and wandering. That is how we can honor the memories of our ancestors and the pride of the children growing up.

Vertieres put an end to slavery. Our duty today is to put an end to exclusion, division and anarchism blocking the country on the road to development.

The democratic ideals of the constitution which sits on pluralism and the rights of the people, is the prolongation of the Vertieres battle..

We cannot remain in an eternal transition, we cannot remain in despair, in instability and division.

Me, today, I chose to put the country in another direction. If our ancestor were able to come together for the founding of a free and independent country, it is our duty today, to make Haiti stand up, to make Haiti a country where everyone are people, where the rights of the people are respected.

The Haitian people,

You put me as President of the country to work, to make peace reign. Without peace and stability we cannot create the process and development that we need.

The ideals that are conducting this caravan is the ideals of Vertieres. Ideals of togetherness, ideals of work, put our hands together so the state can serve the people better.

I want for all citizens to understand that the Caravan of Change, is a strategic intervention where all the ministries and services of the state come together to act in a determined zone. The caravan is a call, like the conch shell blow that asked all the country’s offsprings to begin the fight for independence.

The Caravan is the historic conch shell blow. The caravan invites you to change the way we work, the way we use the state’s ressources to give services to the people, to stop saying, “ Haiti is the country that is the poorest in the America.” My vision, the work of my government is for Haiti to stop bringing its empty plate to others, Haiti must stop being humiliated!

Haiti must become its own master! That is why, beginning February 7, 2018, the Caravan will be in all 10 departments of the country. The Departmental Direction of the Ministry of Public Work, Ministry of Environment and Agriculture will put their heads together to work with the equipments financed by the private Haitian sector and the Haitian banks. The private sector and the banks have place their confidence in the State, they have given the State credits to buy equipments so the Caravan can cover all ten departments. I  take the opportunity to congratulate the private Haitian sector and all the private Haitian  banks who have loaned more than $123 million american dollars. This great act resembles like two drops of water the heroic acts of our ancestors in the November 18th Vertieres Battle.

Brothers and sisters, who are living in Haiti and all other countries on earth,

I ask all Haitians, to remember that Haiti is their mother.

You may not agree with the person living next to you, you may not have the same beliefs as him, but we are all Haitians. History has shown that it is only when all Haitians come together the country can give its people the chance to live well, and to be free.

Haiti is for us all!

It is not for a little group of people!

It is not for a little group of merchant!

It is not for a little group of politicians!

It is not for a little group of associations!

We must agree with each other: Those in the private sector, meaning those in business, those working in the government, those doing politics, those who are in associations, what they call civil society; those in universities, school teachers, doctors, nurses, small merchants, big merchants, cabinet makers, mason, carpenter, peasants, shoemaker, dressmaker, everyone who are working hard, everyone in general. 

Haiti needs all of you to begin its second independence.

After the Vertieres victory, which was the last battle for Haiti to take Its independence, blacks, mulattoes and some whites, all Haitians came together to give humanity the first black republic of independent negroes who came from Africa to have this beautiful country.

The Haitian People,

My brothers and sisters,

In this solemn moment where then Nation celebrate the 2114 years after the Vertieres Battle which brought the country to independence, I took the decision to put in place the Armed Forces of the country, like mother law of the country says it. It is a defense force which will serve the people, which will accompanied all the efforts that are being done for Haiti to regain its place among the rank great nations on earth.  This decision was taken like the mother law of the country in Article 263 till 267.3 asks to do that and say how the army must be organized, how it must function.

I am announcing like the constitution requires it, in the meetings of the Council of Ministers, after consultation with the Parliament, and the Judicial branch, representative of the private sector, representatives of churches, the Vodouisants (voodoo practitioners), the syndicates etc, the government proposes an arrette which I have signed, nominating the interim Lieutenant General until the senate ratifies him.

The constitution says the military force must work to accompany the State in developing, that is this mission the government has given to the Lieutenant-General to organized the army. 

This Lieutenant-General  will have to put in place three units which they call corps in French:

1) A corp of engineers who will conduct studies of roads everywhere, who will help clean river, plant trees; but also, will be able to rescue the population during natural disasters.

2) A medical corp there to stand strong behind the minister of health for when there is a big problem, like epidemics which have hit the country.

3) An Aviation corp, to train military members in repairing and piloting airplanes, helicopters to patrol our land and maritime border;

My brothers and sisters,

I know that there are compatriots who accept that we must respect our constitution and reconstitute the army; who understand very well that the nation came from the womb of the army that created it, but who do not like how the old army use to act. Then, these citizens are afraid that this army will act the same way as the ancient Armed Forces of Haiti.

As President, me too I am sensible a lot to this sentiment. That is why my government will send to Parliament, a law project which will detail the doctrines and all rules which will allow this military to function like the constitution of the country demands it.

We will insist that the Army not be in politics!

We will insist that the Army doesn’t make politics!

We will insist again, so that the people, all humanity hears, the Haitian Army will not be involved in politics!

The army will be an institution of service.The Army will be there to serve in the development of the country.

I understand that the Armed Forces of Haiti use to abuse Its authority. I understand that is needed us to reinforce it, we needed a different direction.

Vertices have shown us that the indigenous army is the mother of Haiti! A friend of mine, a great Senator whom I will not name who said:

“ When our mother is sick, with dirty clothes who don’t kill her, we bring her to the doctors and remove the dirty clothes.” that is what I am telling you today. It is not breaking, that we should do to our institution when they have people inside them which causes legal troubles.

In this, my compatriots, lets put our heads together, President, Prime Minister, Senators, Deputies and all the other forces of the country for our mother to get the care she needs so she can save the country. The army is the mother of the nation.

Brothers and sisters,

ladies and gentlemen here in front of us, who will become officers and soldiers

The constitution says how the army must function; it says what role the army must play. The administration I head wants that you understand that you are not the Police.

In this brand new Army, which is why we didn’t just mobilized the army that was there before; that is why we have erected a new army. Army is force, the police is a force. Must each have their own commandements! Each force has a system which commands them, what they call hierarchy in the French language. 

I don’t want to hear any fight between police officers and soldiers. I don’t want to hear any bad behaviors where police and soldiers are committing abuse against the people. That is not what the constitution asks for.

Police officers, soldiers we are all children of the people! We are the servitors of the people! We must respect the rules that establish each force. This new force must respect all the rules the constitution has put in place for it to function, and the white book which a group of expert, whom was selected by President Michel Martelly,  to help defined the new orientation of this force.

Dear compatriots,
Ladies and gentlemen,
I reach out to you all, political opponents, people of the countryside, townspeople, workers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, Haitians of the interior, Haitians living abroad, the time has arrived for the national leap. The queen of concord, of the Union which makes the Force, has sounded. It rang from Fort Liberté to Dame Marie, from Anse-à-Pitre to Mole St. Nicolas, from Navase, to Cayemites, to Gonave, to La Tortue.

Wake up ! Wake up ! Haiti needs you! Haiti needs you all!
Despite a difficult global economic environment, it is rather our internal demons that threaten our freedom. It is economic exclusion that weakens the social fabric! It is the political tugging which gangrene the social space, and which prevents the economic boom to settle there! It is intolerance, it is the outrageous fear of the other, which, perhaps, has a different point of view of our own preferences, which threatens the national cohesion so necessary to the progress of the country towards progress .

If at the end of the Battle of Vertières, on November 18, 1803, the Fathers of the Fatherland, the Generals of the Division of the Indigenous Army, the Heroes of Independence, had innumerable enemies among the countries that wished, to restore slavery or to protect their slave regime from the wave of revolutionary freedom that was blowing from Haiti, today our problem is first of all ourselves!

Head of State, I am aware that compatriots, who, however, mainly support the restoration of the National Armed Forces, have reservations, given the previous experience before the demobilization of the former Armed Forces of Haiti. Drawing lessons from this painful passive, my administration intends to take all appropriate measures to ensure that the Republican institutions, the National Police and the Armed Forces, which are advocated by the Constitution, operate according to the prescribed provisions of the Act, only the Law in all aspects of their doctrine and functioning, each force in its regard.

At the same time that the armed forces will be re-established, the Government undertakes to continue strengthening the National Police, the only public security force established on the national territory.

The Army, during Its history have made many mistakes. But, does that mean that young doctors, agronomists, secretaries, teachers, engineers, lawyers, who want to serve their country, in the military stay with their arms crossed leaving the country to deteriorate. 

No I say No! Grenadiers, soldiers of the democratic order, in the name of the Haitian people, alongside the forces of the National Police, I order you to serve and protect the life and property of your compatriots, brothers and sisters in the common homeland. 
I declare that a page of the history of this country is turned. . A new chapter opens: The armed Forces reconstituted, as a constitutional institution to the security and custody of the lives and property of citizens.  Thus, in this direction, my administration will work, in concert with the other bodies of the state, to the establishment of the Permanent Electoral Council and Constitutional Council.

It is up to us to modernize the country, it is up to us to create the conditions for everyone to enjoy a dignified life. I would call this requirement a revitalization of citizenship with the ambition to achieve this quiet revolution that will consolidate the public tranquility by ensuring to all and of all conditions, equal freedom and respect for civil and political rights.

Vertières must be a high idea of ​​ourselves, of our desire to inhabit this corner of the land in dignity, of our ambition to change Haiti.

It's late. But better late than never. We have been in the road for a long time. I said in my campaign that we will take what is good and correct what doesn’t work and innovate every time necesary. 
For the worthy heirs of Vertières, the courage, the bravery, the sense of union that is strength must be at the rendezvous of the construction of the democratic regime.
Let Vertières illuminate the hearts of all our compatriots and maintain valiance in a better tomorrow!

Vive Haiti!

Thank you everyone!

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