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18 years old Frantz Polynice, son Haitian immigrants was arrested Wednesday  for allegedly stabbing his own mother, Mania Meneide, to death, in Brockton Massachusetts.

Neighbors says that around 1 pm on Wednesday, Polynice’s grandmother ran out of the house screaming for people to call 911 for her, because her grandson had just stabbed her mother.

When police arrived on the scene they found Mania with multiple stab wounds, she was taken to Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a few hours later. The bloody knife was also recovered on the crime scene.

Frantz Polynice is charged with homicide as well as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in the death of his mother, 44-year-old Mania Meneide, according to a statement from Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

The motive is still unknown.

"It was a mother-son relationship, and for it to end this way . . . We need to make sure we find out what happened,” said the District Attorney speaking to reporters yesterday.

Frantz Poynice is due to appear in court today.