Six major textile employers threaten to leave Haiti over wage increase demand

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Because they find that their companies face a loss of production valued at several million dollars since the beginning of protests by unions demanding 800 gourdes of minimum wage per day,($12.47) six employers of the textile sector solicit the intervention of the Prime Minister . If nothing is done, they threaten to settle elsewhere.

The Willbes Haitian S.A; MGA Haiti S.A; Astro Carton d'Haiti S.A; Haiti Cheung Won S.A; Textile Youm Kwang S.A and Pacific Sports Haïti S.A, all companies in the textile sector are calling on the Prime Minister to intervene to stop protests by trade unions demanding a minimum wage of 800 gourdes.

First, for those in charge of these companies, "the protstests of the syndications are illegal" and cause a loss of production estimated to several millions of US dollars. "Since the middle of May 2017, we have recorded significant production losses in the textile sector due to trade union demonstrations and violent protests," said the letter to Prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant. "Through our letter, we are making a formal request to put an end to these problems that have an impact on our industry and our investments in Haiti. If these demonstrations are not contained in the future, we will be forced to seek alternative business in search of
,  threatened the leaders of these companies in this correspondence addressed on Tuesday to the head of government .

According to them, "cost competitiveness, quality of production and proximity to the United States are the reasons why we chose Haiti, with significant improvements in wage predictability and political stability. If these benefits cease to exist, we will have to make other strategic arrangements and leave Haiti to move to other regions where there is a real willingness on the part of the state to promote investment and defend investors, And protecting decent jobs. " Listen to the voices of your investors. We appreciate the work of the Haitian people and wish to be part of the solution to the development of Haiti, but not in this way. The current plant destabilization campaign is unacceptable. Our head office is already asking questions about different options. Your cooperation on this issue will be greatly appreciated. We strongly hope that the debates on the guidelines and the minimum wage will be resolved positively and competitively, " they concluded. Yanick Etienne, spokesman for the trade union association Batay Ouvriye, who participated Tuesday evening in the television program "Haiti: Sa k ap kwit",(Haiti: What's cooking) argued that the trade unions of textile workers maintain their position and continue to demand 800 (Financing, transport, food, shelter, school, etc.). However, she personally believes that in addition to social support, adjustment can not be less than 500 gourdes.

 On 7 June, President Jovenel Moïse set up the CSS Superior Council of Wages at the National Palace, which is called upon to solve the problem of the minimum wage. The trade unionist Saint-Éloi Dominique, appointed by presidential decree like the other eight members of the CSS, had rejected the installation ceremony. Renan Hédouville, president of the CSS, announced the recommendations of the Council in early July.

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