A white parade was held today at the Champs de Mars in memory of the victims of the accident on the second day of the national carnival. The President of the Republic Michel Martelly, the Prime Minister Evans and other members of the government marched in silence on the course of the carnival.

Several thousand people were also present at the parade instead of the traditional sound show, a sign of respect to the victims of the accident on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

The Head of State took the opportunity to lay wreaths of flowers at the spot where the tragedy took place which cost the lives of more than 16 people.

Note that this decision was taken in accordance with the various suggestions of artists, private sector business representatives and members of the carnival committee.

The government has once again reiterated its solidarity with the victims of this tragedy and their families.

Recall that at least 16 people died and about 60 others were injured when an accident occurred Tuesday following an electric shock when switching from Barikad Crew tank in the area of the Champ de Mars during the course of the second day of the 2015 National carnival.