April 14, 2016, marks two months or 60 days since Jocelerme Privert was elected by parliament as acting president of Haiti, for a non-renewable term of 120 days, to resume and complete the presidential elections canceled three times because of allegations of fraud and violence that erupted following.

When the mandate of Martelly had ended without an elected president to replace him, Privert, then president of the Senate, signed a political agreement with him on the frameworks of holding of the election indefinitely annulled.

The second round presidential election was supposed to take place on April 24 and the new president elected install May 14 under the terms of the signed agreement.

From the beginning, many Haiti observers have warned that 120 days would not be enough to hold the contested elections because of the complexity of the issues.

60 days into his term of 120 days, the interim president still can not say with certainty when will the election be held, or if it can still take place within the 60 days remaining.

As Privert is about to violate one of the first clause of the agreement (no elections  on April 24), we're back to the same stage of uncertainty. What will happen if 120 days have elapsed and there is no election?

The mandate of Privert should it be extended, or should the acting President leave office?