Several kilos of cocaine and heroine found aboard ship transporting sugar from Colombia to Haiti

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For now, "several kilos of cocaine and ten kilos of heroin were found by officers from the BLTS aboard a ship carrying sugar from Colombia, revealed Inspector Gary Desrosiers, assisstant spokesman of Haiti's National Police, this Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

The excavation of the Manzanares ship flying the Panamanian flag is still docked in facilities commonly called "Wharf Mevs" between the old Cité Soleil cabotage wharf and the site where the State rebuilt the wharf of Jeremie and other infrastructures. "It is certain that the search will take time," said Gary Desrosiers inspector.

"The occupants of the ship are under arrest and placed under police surveillance," he has said, without specifying the number. Who commissioned the sugar? "What is important for BLTS is to find drugs," said Gary Desrosiers, adding that the ship is there and that the police and the courts will find the one who ordered the sugar.
"I do not have all the information elements. As I collect more information, the press will be informed at the right time, "said the deputy spokesman of the PNH, ensuring that the police and justice will serve against people soaked in this case, regardless of their social status.

Without giving details on the number of operations and seizures at each operation, Gary Desrosiers found that from March 10 to April 15, 23. 8 kg of marijuana, 83. 65 kg of cocaine and 13 kg of heroin were seized. However, it was clear in stating that Claude Bellegarde was arrested at the airport with 6.5 kg of cocaine. He had to travel to France aboard Air Caribbean.

Combined sources told the newspaper that the DEA agents involved in this search operation in the Manzanares since 6 April 2015.

Haiti is blacklisted by the US state Department as a producer and transit country of drugs to the United States.

The ship, Manzanares, 113.3 mx 16.4 m is anchored in the bay of Port-au-Prince alongside two other boats.

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