Seven men questioned by the police in connection to rock attack against Haitian President's motorcade

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Haiti's National Police announced Monday that seven men were questioned in connection with the rock attack perpetrated last Friday against the caravan of President Jovenel Moise, in the Northern City of Archaie

According to the deputy police spokesman, Gary Desrosiers, investigations into the incident is being carried out jointly with the Central Direction of Judicial Police and the Inspection General of the National Police.

"The National Police will act with all the last rigor against the perpetrators of the attack," Desrosiers said at a press conference, in which he said the institution condemned "this attempt against the president's caravan."

The Motorcade of the Haitian President was attacked with stones Friday

Desrosiers also announced that, following the attack, the head of the police station in Arcahaie, Gracieux Junior, was replaced by Jacques Ader.

On the other hand, Haitian deputy Abel Descollines condemned the incident and said that actions like these are caused by the lack of an intelligence service in the country, and asked the presidency to investigate the attack to prevent it from recurring.

"What happens to the president is very serious and very worrying," the deputy told local media.

The incident was qualified as a "terrorist act" last Saturday, and considered its occurrence as a "serious threat" to public order and state security.

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