Senator blamed PetroCaribe conference gas attack on the party of Haitian President

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Senator Youri Latortue accuses relatives of the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK) and his political opponents for perpetrating the tear gas attack on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

It is a criminal act, said Mr. Latortue, considering that the planned attack was aimed at causing the deaths of several people who were participating in a conference debate over the squandering of Petrocaribe funds.

The incident was recorded at the cultural center Café trio of Cap Haitien where Senators Yuri Latortue and Jacques Sauveur Jean had insisted on the need to prosecute former officials who had squandered the funds granted to the Haitian state as part of the Petrocaribe agreement.
"This is the potentially lethal C 3 gas that was thrown into the room, " the senator said. He reveals that the attackers had locked the doors before throwing the gas cylinders.

The former Senate's president explains that the attack was perpetrated while he was explaining the diversion of several million dollars in the Northern Department. Those who stole Petrocaribe funds want to kill all those who denounce corruption, said Senator Latortue. He claims that the perpetrators had thrown a gas cylinder at the platform where the speakers were.

A journalist, Jacques Dubois, was killed in the panic that followed the attack. Senator Latortue also denounces the passivity of the police officers present who never intervened. The police did not intervene to evacuate the room, lamented Mr. Latortue.

He does not get angry and reveals that he had, the day before, informed the police chief of the rumors predicting an attack on the lecturers.

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